Why Can Mice Avoid Traps?

If you have already shopped for MOUSE TRAPS, then surely you are well familiar with the fact that mice and rats are pure nuisance. It is true that there are some benefits of having them in our ecosystem. However, whenever we think of them we think about how these unsanitary spices of rodent carry pathogens that is known for causing different sever diseases and how they infest our home contaminating our food and destroying our property.

If you dig a little deeper, you will be surprised by their intelligence. But they are not that smart that they will recognize MOUSE TRAPS as a death contraption. If the particular troublemaker of your home relies on its instinct, then this is the reason why it was able to avoid the traps set up by you all this time. Understanding their behaviors and characteristics will help you to know why they can avoid being caught in some situations. So, read on to find out.

The Cleverness Of Mice Surprised Scientists

It was discovered many decades ago that a rat’s brain and a human’s brain share similarity in function and structure. However, the biggest shocker was discovered by Harvard researchers who broke the myth that they are blind. They discovered that their processing abilities via sight and their vision in general are quite advance and can even recognize 3-D objects. Maybe that’s why the MOUSE TRAPS around your home are not working. They are indentifying them and avoiding them on purpose. Thus, it is advisable to switch traps, and eventually you will be able to find one that can fool these sharp pests.

There is another example of their cleverness that you might find interesting. According to a different research, many became familiar with these rodents’ decision-making abilities. They witnessed the test subjects finding a safe pattern and sticking to it. This discovery also led to the trend of using mice in laboratories where they are trained for understanding and studying human behaviors better.

Can Rats Keep Away From Danger By Scent?

Do you know that these rodents have “alarm pheromone”? This allows them to smell fear. This “special power” is definitely working for them when they are dealing with humans. Through evolution and adaption process, rats and mice detect human’s patterns of behavior and can smell people well. Thus, they know how to move around without being seen around humans.

They can also smell dead mouse lying around your home in those MOUSE TRAPS as well. Thus, it is highly advisable to throw away a caught, dead rodent with the trap as soon as you notice it. If they can detect a trap with a dead mouse, they will stay clear from it actively.

They have a very sensitive sense of smell and can definitely detect any scent coming from a living and non-living thing that might cause them harm.

Rats Always Run Along The Wall

If you research about rats, you will find that they have poor eyesight generally. In fact, they are colorblind. Now imagine yourself navigating through a darkened room. By instinct you will walk with your arms outstretched to make sure you can get by without being hurt. The case is similar for these rodents as well. Rats/mice have sensitive whiskers and body hair which is used by them to feel around the environment and have a better sense of where they are. This is the main reason why you will find them typically travelling along the walls. Only in rear cases you will find them running across an open floor.

Mice Are Always On High Alert

Generally, these rodents never stop being cautious. Yes, even if they have found the food and are now nibbling at it, they are still on high alert. This is the main reason why they can escape before the trap activates and catches them. It is in their nature to be like this. So, for effective result, try laying out the traps in groups.

Mousetrap Sometimes Doesn’t Work

You need to avoid making mistakes while setting up MOUSE TRAPS. There are many common mistakes made by property owners who are new at handling traps and catching these rodents. Some of them have been discussed next to ensure you are successful in getting rid of your mice/rat problem for good:

1. Using your bare hands

You know they can detect human scent. So, when you are handling the bait with your bare hands, you are contaminating it with your smell. Mice will smell human’s scent on the bait and will not fall for the trap set by you. Thus, do wear gloves while handling the bait. Invest in a pair of thick gloves as they will protect you from accidental closing of the trap as well. It will come in handy also when you have to dispose of the trap with the dead rodent caught it in.

2. Never in open spaces

As discussed above, mice tend to scurry near the walls of your home. You will find them usually in dark areas of your house. As many people are not aware of this, they place traps in random order in open spaces. For an effective result, you should place MOUSE TRAPS facing or along the walls. The traps should be spaced around 2-3 feet away from one another. The mice will have no other option but to explore the trap and will get caught in the process. Of course, you have to place them where there is increased rats/mice activity also for complete removal.

3. Unset traps

Yes, mice and rats are intelligent creatures that may in some cases actively avoid traps. The best thing to do here is to trick them. You have to place some unset traps with baits around the house. Eventually, the rodents will be used to it and let their guard down while feeding on the traps. Set the trap for the kill out of the blue one day to get rid of the problem.

4. Pay attention to the bait

Stay clear from ineffective baits. Rats and mice will fall for peanut butter (the best option) or any other byproducts of nuts. You can use strong scented food items as bait like strong-smelling cheese, soft candies, gumdrops, jerky, and bacon. You can also use nesting materials as bait like dental floss, cotton, and strings. Be very careful and do not put too much food as bait. The mice/rats can then feed off it without triggering it. Pea-sized amount will be sufficient. And most importantly, change it every 4-6 weeks to make sure it can attract the rodent well.

To Conclude

There you have it; these are the important characteristics and behaviors of rat and mice that will help you understand why they are such a pro at avoiding MOUSE TRAPS. Hopefully, by now you can tackle the infestation in our property effectively and accurately. Here it should be mentioned that you should consult a professional to eliminate the problem if are unable to get a hold of the situation even after reading this.

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