Which Plants Can Repel Termites: 8 Effective Plants

Which plants can repel termites? Several plants repel termites. You need to identify the plants and introduce them near structures to repel the termites. Some of the plants will produce a strong repelling smell that keeps the termites away. The plants come with several health benefits to the homeowners. They are used to make essential oils that are effective in improving health. You can plant the strong-smelling plants in your home, and you will increase the chances of keeping the termites away.

What smell do termites hate?

Termites tend to avoid the smell of cedarwood and tea tree oil. Get the common plants known to produce strong smells, you will increase the chances of keeping the termites away from the home. Other plants used repel termites are the clove bud, garlic, cinnamon, and mint plants. Here we have a comprehensive list of plants that can repel the termites.

What are the plants that repel termites?

There are several plants that termites hate. The termite repelling plants work in different ways to deter the termites from building nests near structures. Here are plants for keeping the plants away:

1. Mint

The plant is an effective natural pesticide that you can have at home. It produces a strong smell that will repel the insects from homes. The strong scent produced by mint will overwhelm the insects and make them move away from home. Try the treatment, and it reduces the number of termites that will build a nest in your home. Many people looking forward to making their homes safe prefer turning to the herbs. The mint scent is beneficial to humans but will help in reducing the number of termites in your home.


2. Garlic

The plant produces amino acids that can be converted to allicin to repel the termites. If you realize there are a lot of termites near homes, you can spray garlic, and it will repel them. The plant will not cause any harm to humans, but it is effective in keeping the termites away. There are no known adverse side effects that can affect family members. Garlic comes with several benefits to humans. The ingredients assure home owners peace of mind after repelling the insects.


3. Rue Plant

The rue plant has a strong smell that will repel the termites. The ornamental plant will add beauty to your outdoor space and keep repelling the insects. Termites can cause a lot of destruction in your house. Keep termites out of any home by introducing the herbs. They are easy to care for plants that have proven to work perfectly in keeping the insects away. Research shows that the plant can act as a natural repellant to the termites. It is a safe alternative that makes the home stay safe and free from the destructive effects caused by the insects.


4. Catnip

You can plant the herbs around your home, they produce the mint smell that will repel the termites. The nuisance caused by termites will stop after planting them around the structures at home. They are easy to care for plants that have been proven over time to help in keeping off the plants. The catnip plant is easy to care. It produces mint smell that act as a repellant to common pests at home. Use the plant in the landscaping project to benefit from its termite repelling effects.


5. Scented Geraniums

The plant aa re known to attract predators that feed on termites. You will increase the chances of making your home last longer after repelling the termites. Some of the predators that they can attract include praying mantises, spiders, ladybugs, and centipedes. You will have to plant the herbs in your home for them to start repelling the insects. The strong scent will not cause any effect to the humans at home. Rely on it to regulate the insects in your home.


6. Vetiver Grass

The plants have a chemical compound that repels and kill termites. Nootkatone in the vetiver grass repel the termites. Many property owners prefer planting it to repel the insects. Vetiver is a natural method that you can count on to regulate the insects. Those interested in keeping their homes safe can rely on the treatment methods. You will start repelling termites naturally using the natural remedy.


7. Daisies

The plants attract predators that feed on termites. If you plant daises in your home, they will attract several predators to feed on the termites. When the termites are killed, they will move out of the home. The treatment procedure works naturally in keeping the termites off. Introduce the plants, and you will start enjoying the best results in your termite’s treatment process. The plants do not have side effects on humans.


8. Marigolds

The plants reduce the population of termites in your home. They have a strong scent to keep the termites off the home. Marigolds are easy way to repel termites in any property. Use marigolds as ornamental plants in the backyard to keep repelling the termites. Research shows that termites can lead to destruction of property. Choosing the strong scented plants to have at the backyard will produce the repelling smell that will keep the plants away. People interested in natural ways to repel destructive termites prefer having the plants. Buy them from nearby tree nurseries and plant them. They require minimal care but will make the home owners enjoy termite free homes.


The plants will tend to repel the termites from your home. They are not the perfect solution but will offer some form of protection.

To be assured of the best results as you try to keep the insects out of your home. You need to look for a professional who will assess the extent of termite infestation in your home and recommend the best way to remove them. You will be assured of the best results after hiring experts who know how to remove the termites from your home. Try the plants that repel termites and seek professional help to achieve the best results.

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