What To Do If Bitten By A Mouse

In addition to stealing food, small mice can spread viruses. It’s not too much to call them ‘virus king’. A mouse bite could lead to infections if the rodent were affected. A mouse is a shy animal that will try to keep away from people. If you make it feel threatened by trying to catch it, then there are high chances of being bitten. Several illnesses can result from mouse bites. For example, it can lead to virus and bacteria infection. Seeking urgent medical care is essential toward avoiding cases where you will face adverse side effects after a mouse bite.

Do mice or pet rats bite?

Yes, the mice or pet rats can bite if you make them feel threatened. They will use their sharp teeth to protect their lives. Sometimes the mice can feel overexcited, leading to bites. There are times when the mice can feel disturbed. They will try their level best to protect their lives or remove the disturbance; they will resort to biting to remove the disturbance. Some of the issues you will face after a mouse has bitten you include pain, swelling, redness, and secondary side effects such as the development of pus filed wound. The bites can lead to bacterial infection and rat fever. Seek medical attention before it is too late if a rodent bites you and you start developing the side effects.

Will mice bite you in your sleep?

It is unlikely for a mouse to bite you when you are asleep. They will tend to bite to try to protect their lives. Mice will prefer avoiding human contact. In most cases, they will avoid you when you are asleep, and you are not posing any threat to them. Even if you are not affected by mice when asleep, it is essential to have measures in place and prevent them from entering your home. They can lead to several other side effects that can make your family members risk infection from fleas available on the mice.

What viruses do mice carry?

Mice have fleas that lead to several viral infections. It is good practice to reduce the number of mice in your home. In human history, several viral infections have been associated with rats. People try their level best to eliminate the rats from their homes to reduce the risk of family members developing the side effects. Here are some of the viral infections that are associated with rats.

1. Bubonic plague

The infection is spread from rodents via fleas. During the middle ages, it killed many people. It was referred to as the black death pandemic. Some of the prevention measures you can take include vaccination, reducing exposure to the mice and other animals that can be infested. If you keep your home free from common rodents, you will reduce the virus’s chances in your home. If plague is not treated as early as possible, it may lead to death.

2. Hantavirus

It refers to a group of viruses that are spread via rodents. They can lead to several diseases. You can get these virus if you touch mouse urine and feces, or you are in a contaminated environment. People who suffer from the viruses experience issues such as fever, muscle pain, and fatigue. Some of the symptoms you need to check out include nausea, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea. The infections can be reduced by keeping rodents out of your home.

3. Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis

The rodent-borne virus infection affects the meninges. If you touch mice or their urine or feces, you may get the virus. People who suffer from the disease tend to develop stiff neck, fever, lack of appetite, headaches, and vomiting. It can lead to severe complications in people with weakened immunity and pregnant mothers. Symptoms can occur after two weeks of exposure. The disease should be treated urgently to avoid severe symptoms that can claim lives. Medical experts can advise on the right treatment measures.

4. Hemorrhagic Fever

It is a viral infection that causes damage to the walls of the blood vessels. It can lead to life-threatening conditions. It hampers the blood’s ability to cloth, exposing patients to severe cases of internal bleeding. If you touch mice or their urine or feces, you may get these viruses. You need to seek urgent medical attention to avoid severe cases. The disease affects your blood vessels leading to severe cases of blooding. Visit a doctor as soon as possible to avoid severe cases.

5. Salmonellosis

A bacterium spreads the disease. Salmonella is available in the intestinal tracts of animals. It can be transmitted to people via contaminated food. If you have a lot of rodents at home, they can contaminate the food that family members eat. Contaminated food can lead to illnesses.

6. Leptospirosis

The bacteria disease affects both humans and animals. In humans, it can lead to several symptoms. For example, it can lead to headaches, chills, muscle pain, red eyes, high fever, and vomiting. If you eat food that is contaminated with rats, you may get the virus. It can be treated through the administering of antibiotics.

The incubation period of being bitten by a sick mouse

After a mouse bite, you will start seeing symptoms after about three to ten days. Some people start seeing signs after a few days, and others will have to wait longer before they can start developing the characters. You need to check out the symptoms before you can make an informed decision.

What to do if bitten by a mouse?

You can take several steps if you realize a rat has bitten you. First, ensure you sterilize the wound to avoid cases that can lead to adverse side effects. If possible, seek medical attention as fast as possible. Some of the steps you can take include.

1. Rubbing the wound with alcohol

Rub the wound with alcohol, reducing the chances of developing adverse side effects. When the rodent bites you, you will start bleeding. A quick rub using alcohol will stop the blood and reduce the chances of developing a viral or bacterial infection from the bite.

2. Vaccination in hospital

A quick visit to the hospital is necessary to get vaccinated. A wide range of health complications can be prevented after you seek medical attention. Some places are known to have certain viruses from rodents. A quick visit to the doctor will increase the chances of getting the right treatment. The doctors will assess the situation and then offer the right treatment to avoid worsening the situation.

3. Keep monitoring body temperature

It is essential to keep watch of your body temperature. A mouse bite can lead to a viral infection. In most cases, viral infections will lead to fever. High temperatures will require the doctor’s attention. You should as well check out if you develop chills. Some people end up developing chills after they have developed viral infections. The medical experts will advise the right measures to take if you have been bitten by the mice leading to viral or bacterial infections.

4. Watch out for fatigue

The bites can lead to a viral infection that affects the muscles. You will tend to develop muscle fatigue after the bites. To avoid incidences where the issues will worsen, take necessary measures and look for a doctor. The fatigue can set in due to several reasons. Working closely with a medical doctor will make it easy to point out the possible causes of your fatigue.

5. Prevent being bitten again

After you have been bitten and managed to get treatment, you need to put measures and avoid being bitten again. Some of the measures you can take are to avoid catching rats when in the field. If they have infested your home, you need to seek the services of pest extermination experts who will remove them from your home. You can as well set up rat traps that will kill them. Many people resort to rat poison, among other treatment measures, to get rid of them. They pose a safety risk to your family member, and you need to remove them as fast as possible.

Signs of viral infection

You can check out several signs to know whether you have been affected by the virus.

First, check out changes in your body condition. You may experience signs such as fever. The viral infection will affect your muscles and the body system leading to fever and chills. Some people who have been affected by bacterial infections end up developing a sore throat.

If there is a wound, pay attention to the condition. For example, the wound becomes more painful, the color becomes redder, the tissue around the wound loses sensation, the lymph nodes throughout the body begin to swell, etc. If you have these symptoms, you may have been infected with the virus.

Nasal congestion and runny nose are other issues that affect people. Some people end up developing body aches. Check for any change to your body, and you will make an informed decision on what you can do to prevent the issue from worsening.

When to seek medical help?

You need to seek medical attention in case the situation becomes worse. There are times when a mouse may have bitten you, and after a few days, you develop illnesses. If you build illness, then it is essential to look for ways of getting medical attention.



Mice and rats can lead to several health complications. It is advisable to get rid of them from your home. Hire professionals who can remove them to avoid cases where you will be exposed to security risks.

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