What Should Be Done If Rodents Run Into Your Air Ducts

Rat infestation is a common problem in houses, especially in open kitchens and high traffic areas. The rodents can be found either living inside the ducts or on the roof of your house. If a rodent runs into your air ducts or settles down inside them, follow these steps to get rid of them and prevent any future rodents from running into your air ducts.

Will Rodents Run Into The Air Duct?

Rats and mice don’t want to run into the air duct; they prefer to live in dark, quiet places like your attic, basement, or walls. But if you have not sealed up all the small holes in your house, it might be possible for them to get into your air ducts. Then once inside your air ducts, they might try looking for other places where there is food or water, like the kitchen sink. If you see any signs of a mouse or rat, immediately seal up all holes with steel wool as listed above.


What Attracts Rats?

Rats are attracted by all objects and materials which contain sugar, starch, and fat such as junk foods like chocolate bars, cereal boxes, crackers, etc. They are also attracted by all objects that contain protein, such as meats, fish, and poultry. They prefer to live in dark and quiet places such as attics, basements, and wall cracks.

Will Rodents Settle Down in The Air Duct?

Rats and mice can survive in dark and quiet places such as attics, basements, and wall cracks for quite some time. But if there are no more food or water sources left in their new homes, they will try moving to other areas of the house where there are more food or water sources. In the end, they may settle down. But the chances of them settling down in your air ducts is very low because they don’t want to live there.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Air Ducts

Here are some ways to deal with rodents in Air ducts.First, we need to confirm whether there are rodents. If there are rodents, you need to prepare some tools in advance. Next, carry out deratization.


Confirm that there are rodents before action

The most effective way to get rid of rodents is to prevent them from entering your air ducts in the first place. Make sure all entry points into the house are sealed properly. Rats can enter even through a small crack or crevice as long as it is large enough for them to crawl through it. Seal all entry points with tape, steel wool, spray foam, and caulk (white stuff).

Air ducts are not built like regular holes, so sealing them won’t be easy using only caulk, but using tape and steel wool will help with ease. Do not use spray foam for sealing because it might expand and damage the duct system.

Things You Will Need

After confirming that there are rodents, you will need the following tools to get rid of the rodents:

1. Tape – To seal all entry points.

2. Steel wool – For the easy seal of air ducts.

3. Mouse traps – Simple and cost-effective method to trap the rodent. It is humane as most traps let the rodent run back into its nest, or they die after hitting it on a hard surface. Therefore, it is not recommended to use poison or other forceful methods to get rid of pests as they might injure someone later on when they are moving around in search of food.

4. A broom and dustpan – To clean up the mess.

5. Dish soap – To clean up any urine or feces left on walls and other surfaces by the rodents.

6. A garbage bag – To put the dead rodent in so that others do not smell its smell as they will mistake it for food and get attracted to it.

7. An empty, standard size milk carton – For packing and shipping of alive, frozen, or dead rodents to experts for further examination or disposal

8. Bulb traps (for large rats larger than a mouse) – For trapping large rats that can take down whole milk cartons

9. A vacuum with a hose – To suck out any dead rodents

Get Rid of The Rodents

1. Put some steel wool in the bottom of the air duct that you suspect has been run into by rodents. Make sure to place it near where you think they are likely to take off from and land. This will help catch them as they jump down from the air duct. The steel wool will cut their soft little feet so they can’t run away or hurt anyone near them for several hours, depending on their size.

2. Some rodents need food and water to survive, so clean up all food crumbs and leave standing water around the house, including drains, sinks, bathtubs, etc.

3. For those that enter the house through pipes and plumbing, you will need to block them off to prevent them from entering other rooms.

4. Empty dirty garbage cans and dump them in the yard or dispose of them in landfills. Also, make sure to empty all pet waste buckets and toilets.

5. To prevent rats from entering your house from outside, cover all vents on your house with steel wool or tape and seal all the holes with steel wool as above. Do not use caulking for sealing as it will expand after sealing, which can damage the duct system, so make sure to clean it up afterward using bleach water.

6. Keep all rooms in your house well ventilated so that any smells that might attract rodents can be detected easily and rectified quickly.

7. Move some furniture and heavy objects to open the rodent runway. A mouse needs only a 12-inch runway to move around freely in a room.

8. Place mouse traps strategically around the place where you think there is likely to be a mouse or rat living. Place the traps just under where they are likely to run off from and land, so they do not run away while trying to get rid of them. If you have used poison, place the dead body in a plastic bag so that other animals cannot smell it and get attracted to it.

9. Use a vacuum with a hose to suck out any dead rodents or debris from the ducts. If you want to use chemicals to remove rodents from inside your ducts, use commercial products such as Rodent Rid-It-All (Gain). This product is safe for people, pets, and plants. You can also use ammonia or bleach solution to remove dead bodies and debris from your air vents which will help reduce the risk of future infestations in the air ducts.

10. To prevent a future infestation in the air ducts, increase the frequency of cleaning and inspections. Regularly keeping your house clean and dry is a great way to keep rodents at bay.

11. Do not ever use mothballs or poison to get rid of rodents as it is a serious health hazard for your family, pets, plants, and the environment.

12. Keep trash cans with lids on them and make sure not to leave any food out for long periods so that it doesn’t attract rats.

13. Place rodent packs of various sizes such as stock cubes, small boxes, and other smaller containers with holes in them in your air ducts to prevent mice from coming out. The rats will be living inside these openings during cold seasons.

14. Place some steel wool in the hole or hole where you think the mouse might be running out from so that you can trap it.

15. Check your attic and see any signs of dead rodents such as dead bodies inside air vents, bones or fur pieces on the floor, etc. This can signify that the rat is using your attic to move around freely around your house.

Harm of Rodents to People

Rats and mice carry several diseases and parasites, some of which can be fatal to people. The most common diseases that rats carry are:

1. Rodenticide poisoning in which they burrow into your house by destroying the wall or floorboards. They do this either by chewing holes in the woodwork or gnawing through electrical wires. In some cases, they will penetrate your plumbing system, making the problem even worse by chewing their way through your pipes.

2. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) is a virus spread by the common house mouse. This virus causes brain inflammation and is potentially fatal to pregnant women.

3. Leptospirosis, which is spread to humans through urine or water sources contaminated by rat urine, can cause serious liver or kidney damage.

4. Murine typhus and louse-borne typhus are carried by rodents but are spread primarily through fleas that infest them.

5. Rat-bite fever is a bacterial disease caused by the bite of a rat. If it gets into the bloodstream, it can cause severe illness in humans.


If left un-tended, rodents can be a real menace to your home and family. They are a big problem for landlords who have to deal with the noise, mess, and damage caused by rodents. If you want to rid your house of rats, you can hire a pest control company specially trained in eliminating rodents. They will help you get rid of rats under your roof as well. A pest control company will also offer you a free inspection and price quote to help you determine what kind of pest control treatment works best for your home.

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