Where Do Sparrows Often Nest In Your House?

Sparrows are small birds that will cause havoc to your home due to their droppings and sounds. The high number of sparrows in your home can be a nuisance, and you need to get rid of them. You can take several steps to get the birds out of your home. First, you need to identify areas where they build nests and prevent them from building them. If you can prevent them from building nests near your home, it will be easy to get them out of the home.

Common places for sparrows to build nests

The sparrows will stay in specific areas in your home. You can try to remove them from such places. Common places where the birds can stay in your home include:

1. In the Chimney

The birds prefer building nests in your chimney. The chimney provides the necessary protection from weather elements, and they will prefer building nests in such places. There is a need to take necessary actions and remove the nests before it is too late. You can erect obstruction to prevent them from reaching the chimney.

2. In Roof Spaces

The birds prefer building nests in the roof spaces. Check out the presence of grass and other foreign materials on your roof and remove them. They will lead to nuisances if they are left to build many nests there. They can contribute to making the home dirty.

3. In Attic

The attic is another place where the birds prefer building nests. Check out the location for any signs of new materials. If necessary, remove the nests. You can also protect the attic so that the birds will not access it. If you come up with essential protection, you will increase the chances of keeping the birds away from your home.

4. Under Awnings

The birds can build nests under the awnings. They tend to make noises as they enter and leave the area. Check out the possibility of the birds building the nests in the location and take necessary actions. You will likely scare them from your home by installing predator decors in such areas.

5. Inside Wall Crack

The cracks in your home can be the perfect places where the birds will build nests. They will move close to the areas and erect the nests because of the protection provided. Homes that have big cracks tend to attract the birds. Check out such areas, and it will be possible to protect the home against the high numbers of birds.

6. In Vents

The birds can as well move into vents and build nests. A thorough inspection of the vents will make it easy to know whether they have built nests in such areas. Act to get them out of your home, and you will start enjoying a comfortable home free from the noises caused by birds.

7. In Rain Gutter

Check your rain gutters, and you will find sparrows’ nests there. They are common places where the birds prefer building nests. If you can check out such areas and remove the nests, then you will scare away the birds. They will move away from your home and stop the nuisance. The accumulation of nests in the gutters can damage it in the long run. Be careful when dealing with birds in such areas.

8. Occupy the Nest of Swallow

If swallows had built their mud nests in your home before, then the sparrows can colonize the nests and build their homes there. You need to check out the nests and remove them before the sparrows can take advantage and build their nests in the spaces.

9. On Trees

The trees near your home can be the perfect places where the sparrows will build nests. Take necessary actions to remove the birds from your home if you would like to make the home free from the birds.

How to get rid of sparrow’s nests?

Are you looking for the best way to get rid of sparrows? You need to get rid of their nests first. If you can locate the nests and remove them from your home, then there is high chance you will get rid of the sparrows from your home. The birds will move away if you can remove the nests. Other methods you can apply when looking for ways on how to get rid of sparrows include:

1. Sparrow proof feeders

Install birds’ feeders that will prevent the sparrows from feeding. If you can install such feeders, it will be hard for the birds to feed, and they will move to other places where they can access food easily. Sometimes you will like to maintain other birds in your home, but you can turn to the sparrow-proof feeders to prevent the sparrow-proof feeders.

2. Install predator decoy kite

Natural predators that can scare away the sparrows include hawks. You can get a natural predator kite and hang it around your home. The bird will fear the predator and move away from your home. Hang it for several days, and you will realize the birds will disappear naturally from your home.

3. sparrow distress sounds kits

The birds will make specific sounds when they are in distress. You can get an electronic device that is made to produce such sounds. It will produce distress sounds that will scare away the birds. It will be easy to keep the birds away from your home after installing the electronic devices.

4. Motion-activated sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinklers will start spraying water after the birds move close to your home. They are effective devices that you can install, and they will contribute to making your home stay free of the birds. The destruction will be very effective if you have a lot of sparrows in your backyard.

5. Install spikes on roosting areas

The places where the birds perch can be made uncomfortable for them by installing spikes. Get the spikes from your nearest stores, and they will be a great way to keep the stubborn bird away.

6. Remove their favorite foods

The birds may be attracted to your home due to the presence of their favorite foods. Remove their favorite foods, and it will be easy to get rid of them from your home.

The above are simple ways on how to get rid of sparrows. Apply them, and you will get rid of the sparrows humanely.

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