How Long do Moths and Butterflies Live

Butterflies and moths are some interesting insects that have a unique way of living. There is a wide range of species that have different lifespans. The lifespan usually depends on several factors such as time of birth, weather conditions, latitude, and many more.

Are moths and butterflies the same species?

Moths and butterflies belong to the same family called Lepidoptera which has more than 180000 species. They have a wide range of differences ranging from their physical characteristics to their behaviors. For example, you will find they are a bit different during their larva and adult stages. Also, butterflies tend to be active during the day while moths are nocturnal.

How long do moths live?

There is a wide range of moth species that live on average for about 1-6 months. In most cases, silkworm moths can go for only 1-2 weeks while brown house moths can live for up to four months. Their lifespan usually depends on the genetic makeup of each moth. You will find some species are born without mouths and depend on the energy stored in their bodies. Almost all the moth varieties go through a transformation for the continuation of their species and die at long last.


• Lifespan of moths

Most moths have a lifespan of about 1-6 months. This greatly depends on the species of the moth and other factors. Most species usually transform to continue the species before they can die.

• What moth has the longest lifespan?

The arctic wooly bear moth has the longest lifespan. It is well known to have a slower rate of development which contributes to its longer lifespan. The caterpillar life cycle usually goes for up to 7 years.

• How long do moths stay in a cocoon?

Moths usually stay in cocoons for about 5-21 days. This depends on the prevailing conditions and other factors. For example, it can stay as long as three years in harsh conditions such as deserts. They do this as they wait for better conditions such as rain. Ideally, they come out when the environment is good so that they can feed and lay eggs.

• Do moths die if you touch them?

Moths do not die whenever you touch them or rub scales on their wings. This would never kill them instantly. Their wings have tiny scales that overlap like the roof’s shingles. These scales are well known to give them the unique colors and patterns of their wings. Also, this keeps them aerodynamic because they are just like the bird’s feathers. The moths lose these scales after some time. Different moths have a different number of scales. So this would affect how they fly however they won’t die because of this.

• How long do moths live without food?

The adult brown moths love feeding on liquid-based food. Mostly, you will find them sucking flower nectar, tree sap, rotting fruits, and many more. This offers the needed energy to keep flying and stay hydrated. The clothes moths feed on natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk, and so on. Also, they can feed on synthetic fibers for survival. The moths that feed on clothes are called the pantry moths and can only go for 1-2 weeks if they do not eat anything. For the adults, they do not survive long without food. The clothes moths do not stay away from their source of food. This means that you can easily find them near the clothes.

How long do butterflies live?

Butterflies’ lives depend on several factors such as natural habitats. Most butterflies live in the wild therefore they are exposed to certain predators and dangers. Generally, adult butterflies can live for about 14 days. Others can go for up to 6 weeks depending on the conditions. Those that migrate to the tropical climatic areas tend to survive longer. They live longer before they can return for mating.


• Do butterflies live for only 14 days?

Not all butterflies live for only 14 days. Different species of butterflies have different lifespans. This usually depends on several factors such as its habitat, species, the time it became an adult, and more. You will find out that a swallowtail butterfly can live for 14 days while the monarch can for up to 9 months.

• What butterflies have the longest lifespan?

The monarch butterflies are believed to have the longest lifespan. This is because they live for two summer seasons. What lengthens their lifespan is the fact that they go hibernating in safer and warmer places during winter or cold seasons.

• Do butterflies hibernate?

Certain species of butterflies go through a hibernation period. This is called the diapause period. The swallowtails have this habit since they hibernate as chrysalides. But, the American painted ladies do this as adults. Some species have antifreeze agents such as sorbitol and glycerol. These can help them to withstand the subfreezing temperatures.. This time there is no development taking place while the most important functions are at a minimum.

• How do butterflies die?

Certain species of butterflies usually die after laying eggs. However, most species die because they are old just like human beings. Other several factors contribute to the death of butterflies. This includes global climate change, threats from pesticides, and more. As they die, they hide under larger leaves, rocks, and grass stems or sit with their heads down and their wings held tightly to them.

• How long do painted lady butterflies live?

These cold-blooded species have their host plant being a weed called Malva. It goes through a complete metamorphosis that has four stages. They usually live for about 2-4 weeks depending on several factors.

• How long do blue Morpho butterflies live?

The blue Morpho butterfly usually lives for about 4 months. This is because this species usually spends most of its time reproducing and feeding. They undergo the four stages like other butterflies.

• How long do monarch butterflies live?

The life span of monarch butterflies is about 2-6 weeks, mainly in summer.

Differences in the lifespan of moths and butterflies

Both moths and butterflies have the same life cycle. They hatch eggs, get to caterpillar firm then form cocoons. When they emerge from their cocoon they dry out their wings for some hours. There are different butterfly species and most of them live for about 1 week to one month. Moths lives longer however this depends on the type of species go through. The monarch butterfly for example can go for up to one year depending on its place of birth. Those born at the end of summertime have a longer lifespan, unlike the generational species. But, moths tend to live shortly because the females usually die after laying eggs. This does not happen to the butterflies but some few species.

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