Advantages and Misunderstandings of In-Wall Pest Control System

Pests in any form are bad for both your house and your health. Pests have the capability to destroy several parts of your home as well as pose serious health threats. Pests leave behind dirty fecal matter & shed skin which contaminates the air you and your family breathe in.
There are certain times of the year, especially during the rainy season, infestations often end up affecting your home. You might hear scratching noises in your wall, especially in the nighttime. These are nothing but deadly pests residing in your walls, eating up your house construction and polluting the air you live in. The only remedy to get rid of harmful pests from your house is by hiring a reliable in-wall pest control service.
In mid-90s, In-wall pest control systems became popular. In places where human hands can’t be reached, thin tubes are installed in the walls of ahouse. Administered specific pesticides for specific pests. Since most people do not about this amazing service here you will get all answers related to In-wall pest control systems.

How Do In-Wall Pest Control System Work?

Pest infestation grows silently. It often remains unnoticed until real big damage is visible in your home. If pests residing in your wall does not get removed on time it might cause serious issues in the future. Pests may be wreak havoc quietly in your home, and damaging your house. Installing tube systems in the walls is the best remedy to control pest. During building construction / renovation, it is best to install pest control system in the wall.
In-wall pest control system work through a network of tubes which run in the walls and finally attached to an outside port. These tubes are thin as a pen. They have small slits through which a slow supply of pesticides are distributed throughout the walls. When you hire a pest control service, a technician will visit twice a year and blow the thin tubes out with air & refill them with new pesticides. Once the service has done, the homeowner did not need to worry for the next 6 months. Since pesticides are already infused in the wall.
If you are wondering that you have never heard of any such pest control service before. That is because there are certain misconceptions and misunderstandings about this method. Install tubes by certified and experienced technicians, which will protect your house for a long time. Now you will get the answers to all the questions, which related to the feasibility and safety of the system.

Benefits Of Using In-Wall Pest Control

It is recommended to install in-wall pest control system during house construction or renovation. Since the pesticides or chemicals pass through tubes in the wall, it can efficiently and easily target areas where the pests nest & breed. As a result, they will last longer.
Following are the list of major benefits of in-wall pest control service:

1. Easy Maintenance

When you hire a company for in-wall pest control service, a technician will show up twice a year or at every quarter of the year. Once the construction or renovation of the home completed. The technician will insert pest control chemicals from the external port.
So the technician does not even need to enter the customer’s house for the treatment. Everything will be done from outside the house thereby making this procedure quick and easy.

2. Safer than Spray

Why in-wall pest control is superior to other methods? The other major reason is that children and pets do not touch harmful chemicals or pesticides. Also, pesticides through this procedure tend to last longer since the pesticides are not exposed to sunlight.

3. Works silently in the background

From a convenience perspective, this procedure is much more convenient than other procedures. Unlike other pest control services, homeowners do not need to vacate buildings or property when handling. Also as technicians will visit your house frequently, the pest can be easily controlled before any serious problem occurs. Walls are the places where pests breed and nest the most. But these places are unreachable via general methods and techniques. The tubing system is super convenient as the pesticides can reach the right destination where human hands cannot reach.

Misunderstandings About In-Wall Pest Control

In-wall pest control system work through a network of tubes installed inside the wall of the building. But people have very little knowledge about this concept of pest control. There are certain misunderstandings that revolves around in-wall pest control systems.

1. Chemical leakage

People often mistakenly believe that the pest control tubing in the wall will leak by itself. Exposure to chemicals in the house can lead to health problems for family members. But this is an absolutely wrong concept. As a matter of fact the chemical percentage inside the tubes are very less and the chemicals don’t penetrate the wall. The pesticide running through the tubes won’t penetrate your dry walls through any means. Unlike traditional spray tubes, no chemicals are exposed inside the house.

2. Construction cost is expensive

When you install the tubing channels during the construction of the house, half of the expense gets reduced. Within $500 the whole system gets installed. While you might think that $500 is pretty expensive, but the plus point is these tubes last for a pretty long time. So the overall maintenance and installation cost is pretty affordable. By spending your money initially on the tubing system you will get long term benefits from it.

3. Eliminate pests anywhere

Pests resides deep inside the wall and in other invisible locations where human hands can’t reach. This tubing system has the capability to eliminate pests that reside and breeds inside the walls and holes. But if pests reside in open space, say in faucets, floor corners or behind the doors, this pest control system won’t be able to eliminate such pests. Therefore this misconception needs to be cleared.

4. Tunnel last forever

Well nothing lasts forever. People often have the misconception that tunnels or tubes last forever. But the fact is with time the tunnels decay if not maintained from time to time. As the tubes start ageing leakage may start as well. So when you book your pests control service provider gets full details on how long the tubes and the system going to last. Call your technician when the maximum life cycle of the tubes gets expired. This way you can protect your home from pests for a long time. One thing that should be noted is that chemicals won’t leak through the dry walls even if there is a leakage in the tube.

5. It’s all fake

In-wall pest control or tubing system is not fake at all. It is absolutely legit! This system is installed in the house deep inside the walls. It’s not visible anyhow. Just because it is out of sight that does not mind it is not working in the behind. Often customers don’t get convinced about the service since one can’t see or hear the system operating. Customers often think that pest control service providers are just pretending to serve and plunder their money.
These pipes are not good for your home. But this is an absolute misconception. Remember prevention is better than cure. By holding on to the wrong conception that an in-wall pests control system is a scam or a money trap, you are paving the way for pest infestation in your home. Note that the damage cost will be much higher than the price you pay for in-wall pests control service.
In a nutshell, do not compromise your home’s furniture or construction just because the tube system is invisible. This highly advanced tubing pest control system is highly praiseworthy. It does not deserve such a bad name or misunderstandings. There is no reason to have blind trust in any product or service, but there is also no reason to spread wrong information about a service or product.


We hope to clarify all misunderstandings about in-wall pest control system through this article. Just consider the above things before hiring an in-wall pest control service company. By installing an in-wall pest control service be assured that you have the best pest prevention at your home. The only drawback about this system is one won’t be able to install this system if the building is already constructed. Renovating a building to install the system will incur huge costs. The pest control service company needs to install this system when the construction is in process.

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