How to Kill Ticks in the Yard: Complete Guide [2022]

You need to understand what causes ticks and the best way to get rid of them. Several bacterial infections are spread through ticks. You need to learn how to get rid of ticks, and it will be easy for you to come up with effective measures to deal with the ticks. Ticks spread from animals to humans. If you can keep your pets and other domestic animals free from ticks, you will increase your chances of avoiding the devastating effects caused by ticks. The process of getting rid of ticks will vary from one home to the other.

There are several methods you can follow. You will be required to choose a safe method that is highly effective in helping you keep tick away from your home. Here we will explore the several methods that people can apply to get rid of ticks.

What Diseases Can Ticks Transmit?

Ticks are knowns to transmit a wide range of bacterial infections. You need to try and keep ticks out of your home to avoid the common infections associated with them. The infections will cause many health complications that can make life uncomfortable. Common diseases that the ticks can cause include:


1. Lyme Disease

Ticks cause the disease. Borrelia burgdorferi causes the disease. It is a serious bacterial infection that affects both humans and animals. The disease is common in regions of Minnesota, united states.

2. Anaplasmosis

The disease was referred to as human granulocytic ehrlichiosis. It is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted to people via black-legged ticks. The deer ticks are known to cause bacterial infection, and they can have different effects on your body.

3. Babesiosis

It is a protozoan infection that is spread by ticks. You need to have measures in place and reduce the number of ticks in your home to avoid the possible effects of the disease affecting your family members. The disease can be prevented by repelling ticks from your home.

4. Ehrlichiosis

The disease is caused by ticks found in southern parts of the United States. You are advised to keep ticks out of your home to avoid cases that will lead to infections in your life.

5. Powassan Virus Disease

It is another tickborne flavivirus infection you need to check out if you realize there are a lot of ticks in your home. Research shows that it can lead to severe infections in humans. Your family members will be at risk if there are a lot of ticks in your backyard.

6. Borrelia Miyamotoi Disease

It is a relapsing fever caused by ticks. The disease causes symptoms similar to bacterial infection caused by Lyme diseases. There are few cases of human infections due to the diseases.

7. Borrelia mayonii Disease

Exposure to blacklegged ticks can lead to infection. It is a common disease that will cause symptoms closely related to Lyme diseases.

8. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

It is a rare fever that is associated with ticks. They are known to bite people and cause infection. Take measures to remove the ticks from your home to avoid cases where family members will be exposed to health complications.

9.  Tularemia

It is a severe illness that is available in the United States. Bacteria in the ticks lead to infections. American dog ticks are known to spread infections. It is less prevalent in humans.

What causes ticks in the yard?

Several favourable conditions can attract ticks to your backyard. Common causes include low lying ground covers where the tick will hang. The presence of wild animals such as deer in your backyard will lead to the spread of ticks. Ticks will move to humans after they brush with the shrubs. Clear shrubs in your backyard, and you will reduce the chances of the ticks spreading to your body. Regular weeding will reduce the number of ticks.

How do I know if there are ticks in the yard?


1. Check your outdoor pets

You will know your yard has ticks after checking out the domestic animals. Ticks will attach themselves to the domestic animals, where they will suck blood. Check out your dogs and cats to know if they have ticks. If they have ticks attached to their skin, you need to take measures and look for ways of removing them. You can apply several tick treatments available.

2. Pull a sheet through the yard

The ticks will hang around in bushes. You can trap most of them if you pull a sheet through the yard. They tend to stick to low hanging shrubs from where they will attach to pets or people as they move in the yard. If you realize some tricks have been stuck on the sheet as you pull it around, then you need to take necessary measures and avoid cases where the ticks can end up causing havoc to your life.

3. Spot ticks with a flashlight

You can take spotlights and start searching for ticks in your backyard. Inspect leaves and grass at a closer range. If there are a lot of ticks in your backyard, you will notice one or two. It is time to act and remove them. They are known to cause many health complications if they are not tackled as fast as possible.

How do you get rid of ticks effectively?

1. Use Tick Repellent

There are several tick repellants in your nearest shop. You need to get them and apply them to the ticks. They are highly effective in keeping the ticks off. Apply them, and they will play a significant role in making you get rid of the ticks. Follow the instructions on the packs to ensure you get the right results after applying the treatment.

2. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is known to kill the ticks. If you realize there are a lot of ticks in your backyard, you can sprinkle it, and it will kill the ticks. It is an effective method you can try, and it will work toward reducing the number of ticks you experience in your backyard.

3. use a yard fogger for ticks

You can get a yard fogger and apply it to fog the yard. The fog will kill ticks that will come into contact with it. You need to get the treatment, and it will be a great way to help you keep the ticks away.

4. Use oil sprays

There are many oil sprays that you can apply to keep ticks out of your backyard. Some of the common sprays you can apply that are highly effective in removing ticks from your backyard are:

  • Cedar oil spray

The oil is highly effective in dissolving their exoskeleton. Ticks will not survive if their exoskeleton is destroyed. You can apply the oil to the ticks, and it will be highly effective in killing them. The oil has health benefits but will help your family deal with ticks.

  • Permethrin yard spray

Spraying permethrin will kill the ticks. The substance has toxicity that will kill small insects. You can buy it from your nearest store, and it will be a great way to kill the ticks:

  • Use Tick repellent essential oil

Some essential oils have been proven to repel ticks. They will not kill the ticks but discourage them from coming into your home. They include treatments such as:

  • Oregano essential oil

The essential oil has health benefits for humans, but its strong smell will tend to repel the ticks. You can get the treatment, and it will play a significant role in keeping ticks out of your home.

  • Lemon eucalyptus oil

It is another essential oil you can apply to make your home stay free from ticks. Ticks do not like the smell produced, and they will tend to stay away.

  • Citronella oil

The essential oil is very effective in repelling ticks. Apply it in your home, and avoid cases where the ticks will tend to come to your home.

  • Clove oil

The oil is highly effective in repelling the ticks. If you have been disturbed by an increase in the population of ticks in your home, get the essential oil to repel them.

  • Neem seed oil

The oil is among the highly effective treatments that you can try to keep ticks away from your home. It is highly effective in its effects as a tick repellant.

How to keep ticks away from your yard?

You can take several measures to get rid of ticks from your home. Start by identifying the cause of ticks in your home and handle it. Here are common measures you can take.


1. Get rid of other pests in the yard

If you have pets in the yard, such as mice or small rodents, you need to get rid of them fast. They will contribute to attracting ticks to your backyard.

2. Remove clutter from the yard

Too much clutter in the backyard will create places for the ticks to hide. Remove all clutter from your backyard, and you will reduce the chances of ticks staying in your backyard, where they will cause issues.

3. Mow the lawn frequently

The ticks will tend to hide in shrubs in your backyard. You need to mow the yard regularly to reduce the hiding places for the ticks. If you can manage to keep the yard neat, you will tend to experience the ticks less often.

4. Build fences to deter unwanted animals

Wild animals such as horses and deer will be the main cause of ticks moving to your backyard. The wild animals do not get regular treatment for ticks. They have a lot of ticks that they can shed in your backyard. Have a fence, and you will avoid the spread of ticks from the wild animals to your backyard or domestic pets.

5. Build gravel barriers between lawns and woods

Ticks will not move over gravel barriers. Erect gravel barriers, and you will restrict the movement of the ticks to your home. If your home borders the bushes, the barrier will be a great way to keep the ticks at bay.

6. Planting tick-repellent plants

There are several tick repelling plants that can repel the insects. Get the tick repelling plants, and they will assure you great success as you try to keep the ticks away.

Characteristics of a tick bite

Ticks will cause mild itching and a reddened rash. Some tricks will cause a bulls-eye rash. The rash is associated with Lyme disease. After being bitten by a tick that leads to infections, you will notice the redness expanding over time. The bite could spread slowly if it had infections.


What to do if bitten by a tick

Ticks can cause a wide range of bacterial infections. If a tick has bitten you, you need to remove it immediately and cleanse the area. You can apply soap and water to lean the area thoroughly. After cleaning the area, you will be required to use a health care provider and explain what happened. The health care providers will assess the wound and recommend the most effective treatment measures that can be taken.

It is common to see ticks on your pets if they tend to apply in the backyard, where they interact with wild animals. Research shows that ticks can cause a wide range of infections. Take measures to get rid of the ticks. You should never worry about getting rid of ticks because there are several steps you can take.

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