How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Your Home

There are several ways to get rid of scorpions. They pose a danger to family members. There are specific things that can attract scorpions to a given place. For example, they would like to move to places where they can get food quickly. Scorpions feed on cricket and other insects. Ensure the bushes near home are pruned, and you will keep the scorpions away. They tend to stay in places where there are crevices. Seal the crevices in a home, you increase the chances of getting the crickets out of the home completely. Here are methods you can apply when looking for ways to keep your home safe.

1. Harm of scorpion sting

Scorpions cause a lot of pain if they bite you. They tend to cause an allergic reaction where victims often end up swelling. The stings from scorpions will lead to redness that will appear within five minutes. Severe symptoms can develop after the scorpions have attacked you.

A sting from a scorpion can cause respiratory and heart failure. Death from scorpion stings can occur in a few hours after a sting. There is a need to keep the scorpions out of the home. If you can take essential measures and get them out of a home, you increase the chances of doing away with the stings. The scorpions pose a danger to family members due to their poisonous stings.


2. What if you have scorpions at home?

You may realize you have scorpions at home. There are several measures to deal with them. For example, if you realize they are entering your home, ensure you seal all openings where the scorpions enter the home. Here are some quick actions you can take to deal with scorpions if they enter your home.

Capture and Release

You can capture the scorpions and release them far from home. Some people would like to get humanely rid of scorpions. In such a case, you need to devise a method to ensure there are no scorpions in your home, but you do not kill them. Ensure not to touch the scorpions because they can sting. Look for effective ways of capturing them, then release them to nature.

Crush Scorpions or Use Spray

Sometimes you may feel like it is essential to kill the scorpions. You can crush them and throw them away. When the scorpions enter your home, they threaten family members. You can kill them to children coming into contact with them, leading to stings. Some sprays are known to repel the scorpions. Apply sprays made to deter scorpions. They will discourage the scorpions from entering your home. Come up with an effective way to scare them away.

Use Lavender and Cedarwood

The application of lavender and cedarwood is another method to keep the scorpions away. When looking for ways to keep the scorpions at bay, ensure the areas where they prefer staying, such as closets or in dark areas, you spray with the essential oils. They hate the smell and would try to move away. Look for sprays and essential oils that are known to repel scorpions. The essential oils have health benefits to humans but can deter the scorpions.

3. Keeping Scorpions away

Compare the several methods available out there, then decide on the best method that can be applied to keep the scorpions away. People interested in keeping scorpions away prefer looking for highly effective methods. Here are common methods to keep the scorpions away:

Eliminate standing water

Scorpions will tend to be attracted to areas with standing water. To keep them out of home, ensure you remove all standing water. Eliminate all standing water, the scorpions will not stay in your home; they need water to survive. Ensure the drainage system is working well to avoiding cases where standing water will end up attracting scorpions to a given place.

Seal cracks and crevices

The scorpions will use cracks and crevices to enter homes. Seal all cracks and crevices, and the scorpions will not get an opening to enter your home. Some cracks can develop on the drywall. Ensure all the cracks are sealed to avoid scorpions entering the homes.

Inspect cabinets and closets

Scorpions will prefer staying in dark places. Inspect your home’s closets, cabinets, and other dark places. They may be hiding there. After inspection, remove the scorpions from the dark places. The scorpions stay in the dark places. Family member are at risk of being bitten if the closest are not well inspected. The inspected should be carried out regularly to take note of any biting insect.

Clear away brush

If there are bushes, woodpiles, and debris, you risk attracting the scorpions to the home. They will prefer staying places where they can get food quickly. An overgrown backyard will be the perfect place for the scorpions to dwell because they can easily catch food. Firewood should be stored at least 30 feet from the home to avoid attracting the scorpions.

Eliminate crickets

Scorpions feed on insects such as crickets. Turn off outdoor lights to avoid attracting other insects that will attract crickets as they look for food. They will be attracted to the home in search of food. If you can remove the insects, you will keep them out of the home.

Choose an effective method that you can easily apply. When you compare the several available methods, it is easy to decide on the best method that will contribute to getting rid of the scorpions. Applying preventive measures is recommended. Avoid attracting insects such as crickets that form food for the scorpions. The scorpions will not stay in places where there is no food. They hide in dark places as they hunt for pray. Eliminate bushes and other dark areas to make the home less attractive to the insects. Bites from scorpions can lead to fatality. Take necessary measures to prevent them from coming to a home is necessary. Buying sprays that are made to scare the scorpions is another great idea. The sprays are easy to apply in areas where they insects prefer hiding.

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