How to Get Rid of Rice Weevils Naturally

Rice weevils are pests that feed on rice and other types of grain. They are destructive insects that can destroy grain in storage. Several pesticides have been developed to deal with them. Apart from the several pesticides formulated to kill the pests, applying natural remedies at home is another step that can be taken. When looking for high-quality pest control measures, there is a need to check out the possible side effects. Get high-quality pesticides that have been proven to be highly effective. They will help in reducing the effects of weevils on the grain.

What Are Rice Weevils?

The rice weevils are insects that attack seeds. They are known to feed on rice, wheat, and maize. The rice weevils are very destructive. They can multiply very fast and lead to significant scale destruction of grain in storage. Farmers end up experiencing a lot of losses when the weevils have attacked their grain. Getting high-quality pesticides can save a lot of money. The rice weevils are introduced into the grain via an egg. An adult rice weevil will dig a hole into the rice grain and lay its egg there. It will seal the grain and allow the egg to develop into an adult weevil. The adult weevil will then dig its way out of the grain.


How Do Rice Weevils Enter Your Rice?

The rice weevil will enter the grain as an egg. The adult female weevil will chew the grain and deposit an egg in the grain. It will then seal the opening allowing the egg to develop inside the grain. After hatching, the larvae will start feeding on the grain from inside till it is fully grown. It will eat its way out of the grain when fully grown. The egg weevils are known to be highly destructive. They will eat their way out of the grain, leading to many destructions. Quick treatment is required to avoid cases where the weevil will lead to more destruction in the grain.

How to Get Rid of a Rice Weevil

There are many proven methods to get rid of rice weevils. Choose a method that is easy to apply and can be applied to get rid of the weevils quickly. Some farmers choose natural methods, and others go for chemical treatment options. Before going for a given method, there is a need to weigh out issues such as the effectiveness of the treatment method, the cost, and the side effects. Some of the methods that can be applied to get rid of the grain weevils are:

1. Sunlight

Exposing the rice weevils to sunlight will kill them. The strong heat from the sun will make the weevils move out of the rice or any grain being treated. The insects will like to stay under low temperatures. The high amount of heat that is directed to them will make them get out of the grains. The method involves taking the affected grain outdoors and spreading it in the sun. The insects will escape from the grain and leave them ready for cooking.


2. Matchbox

The grain weevils are repelled by sulfur that is available in matchboxes. To keep the rice free from the weevils, get the matchboxes and spread them on the affected grain. The strong sulfur smell from the matchboxes will repel them. They will move out of the grain as they try to move away from the sulfur smell.


3. Dry Cloves or Bay Leaves

The application of dry bay leaves and cloves is another method that can be applied to get rid of the weevils. They have a strong smell that will be highly effective in removing the weevils. They are natural herbs that do not adversely affect the food. Those who treat rice for consumption can apply the leaves. Let the leaves stay in the affected grain for about a day; the weevils will be repelled and leave the grain intact. The method is highly effective in removing insects from the grains.


4. Garlic or Ginger

The herbs are effective in repelling insects. Place ginger and garlic in the dried grains, and they will contribute to removing the insects. Place ground garlic and ginger powder in the affected rice. The smell of the two herbs is known to repel the insects. They will move out of your grain and allow the family members to enjoy their food. The two herbs are natural and will not pose any side effects to the food being treated.


5. Soapy Water

The weevils may have moved into the cupboards where rice is stored. Use soapy water to clean the affected cupboards. The soap will kill their eggs and repel them from the cupboards. The weevils are known to crawl around and enter the granary where the grains are stored. Washing the surfaces using soapy water is highly effective in keeping them away. They will move out of your home if the surfaces where they walk have a lot of soapy smell.


6. White vinegar

The rice weevils will not like staying in places with a lot of white vinegar smell. Apply the treatment, and it will keep the surfaces free from the weevils. The active ingredients in white vinegar repel the destructive insects. Apply it near the bags of rice, and the insects will be kept at bay.


Can You Eat Rice with Rice Weevils?

There is no worry if you eat rice that has been affected by weevils, but the unpleasant taste and the crunchy taste will put you off. Many people would not like eating rice with eggs, adult weevils, or larvae. If you eat it accidentally, there will be no worry because the bugs are not poisonous to humans. Their taste and appearance make them undesirable.

There are many ways to get rid of rice weevils. Choose a highly effective method. Getting high-quality treatment options will eliminate them. Store rice and other types of grain in airtight bags to avoid cases where the bugs will move in. Get high-quality and effective treatment that is nontoxic.

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