How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice by Home Remedies

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice and rats is to use a glue trap. This is a basic board with sticky glue on one side that the mice and rats will run across. They will get stuck to the glue and run away. While this method is considered inhumane, it does work. Place a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil near the openings that mice and rat like to enter.

You can use a natural mouse and rat repellent to get rid of these creatures. Besides the smell, onions are also a great natural remedy for getting rid of mice and rats. If you place them around holes where mice and rats like to enter the home, the smell will deter them and they will stay away. The best way to put a mouse or rat repellent is to place it inside the hole.

Another natural solution to get rid of mice and rats is to use mothballs. These can be bought from department stores. Simply place them in areas where the rodents can enter. Ammonia is also an effective way to kill mice and rats. Mix a little with water or detergent to get rid of them. Because of its pungent smell, it is guaranteed to kill the rat or mouse on contact.

To get rid of mice and rats, you can use homemade remedies. Using vinegar and pepper will help you to prevent these creatures from reentering the house. You can also apply a paste of cement on the mice and rats’ favorite spots. You should also remember that there are many commercial products on the market that you can buy. A good choice is a mixture of cement and flour, which is a natural repellant for mice and rats.

Ammonia is a strong rat repellant. Mix a few tablespoons of detergent with two cups of regular ammonia. Spread the solution in these areas. Ammonia will instantly kill the rodents. It will also work as a general disinfectant. You can place mothballs in any empty areas of your home. This method will work for a long time and will keep the rodents out.

If you cannot get rid of rats and mice from home, you can use peppermint oil and peppermint powder. It is a natural repellent for mice and rats. Then, you can also put cheesecloth sachets filled with cayenne pepper and mint inside the trap. The dried snake litter will help you to get rid of the rodents. If you are not able to do that, you can buy a dried snake litter and place it in the holes where you see the rodents. The last option is to put ammonia in a bottle and leave it out near the problem areas.

Several methods of getting rid of rats and mice include rat baits. Placing sliced onions outside the entryway where the rodents usually enter will repel them. This method is effective and will dehydrate the rodents within a short period of time. If the rat has already found the food, it will run away from the house. If there is no food in the kitchen, placing a jar lid or small disposable containers of cocoa powder will kill them.

In addition to mothballs, you can place muslin cloths filled with cloves or peppermint oil near the entrances of your home. The aroma of these items will make the rodents run away. These methods may not be effective, but they will keep the mice and rats away from your home. However, they can be harmful to your health, so use them sparingly.

Some mice and rats may be attracted to foods in your home. To prevent this from happening, you should eliminate any food that they may find in the home. For instance, you can clean your kitchen and pantry by removing any food items that attract rats. You should also keep the food in a sealed container to avoid attracting mice. If you cannot afford to hire a professional exterminator, you can use homemade pesticides, which are very effective for killing mice.

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