How to Eradicate and Prevent Bed Bugs: 6 Effective Methods

Eliminating bed bugs from your home may seem like a difficult task, but it is not impossible. In most cases, these pests can be treated with household cleaners. Avoid tossing out your clothes and luggage, as these can serve as hiding spots for bedbugs. Instead, clean and check your luggage thoroughly before bringing it home. If you find blood spots, ask the hotel to move you to another room.

1. If you discover a bedbug infestation, stay in your bed. If you decide to leave your home for a few days, you can easily transfer the bedbugs to another room, bringing them with you. Be sure to keep your specimen in an airtight container, such as a plastic pill bottle. Put it in a zipper-lock bag and saturate it with rubbing alcohol. Then, tape it on white paper and dispose of it properly.

2. Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance that kills bedbugs. However, it is important to purchase one that is labeled for the specific insect you are dealing with. Apply the diatomaceous earth on any cracks, behind wall plates, and the floor-to-wall junction. Be sure to check the area every two days to make sure the pests do not come back.

3. If you find a live bedbug in your home, don’t throw it out. You’re likely to bring the bugs with you if you pack up to go somewhere else. In this case, bed bugs can easily move to another room in search of a new meal. If the bedbugs are able to find a safe hiding place, they will move to another area of your home.

4. If you find any live bedbugs in your home, you need to treat them immediately. First, seal the area. Never leave the area when you’re attempting to eliminate bed bugs. If you leave the area, you may bring them with you. This way, you can still save the insects. Once they’ve left the room, they will be easier to remove. If the bug isn’t dead, you can use an exterminator or even an entomologist.

5. If you’re worried about bedbugs in your home, you should make your home as clean as possible. The best method to get rid of bedbugs is to hang your clothes in a coat closet. It will reduce the risk of carrying them. You can also hang your clothes in the closet. You can also use heat in direct sunlight.

6. While bedbugs are generally found in bedding, you can prevent them from entering your home by using essential oils to treat your home. You can apply essential oils to your bedding, curtains, and luggage. Alternatively, you can contact a professional pest control company to clean your home for you. In both cases, you should contact the local health department and get an exterminator to come out and treat the problem.

Be careful when you carry your clothing. You should avoid wearing clothes that have been touched by bugs. Always hang your coats and clothes on wall hooks. Keeping your clothes off the floor is the best way to prevent bedbugs from entering your home. Washing your clothes is also an effective way to get rid of bedbugs. Ensure that they are dried to the highest temperature possible so they don’t escape during the summer months.

Keeping your clothing clean is crucial. Bed bugs can live in your clothes and can transmit disease from person to person. Hence, it is important to hang your clothes in a coat closet. In addition, you should never bring your clothes onto your bed. This can be an excellent method to eradicate and prevent bedbugs at home. If you have already encountered an infestation, you can always contact a pest control company to get rid of them.

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