How can I get rid of roof rat quickly

Having rats on the roof can be hectic. They will end up eating and damming items in your home. When the rats stay on the roof, they will move into your kitchen to drink water and eat food. They pose a risk of transmitting bacterial infections to your family members. The feces and the urine from the rats contain pathogens that can land on the food and lead to health complications. There is a need to keep the rats out of your home to continue enjoying a comfortable home. The rats tend to build nests in the attic making your home their home. You can apply several methods to keep them out of your home. For example, you can get a snap trap to catch them. Hiring an expert to terminate them is another option you can rely on to get them out of your home.

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

The roof rates come in specific characteristics that differentiate them from other rats. You will have to consider their colors, size, and features to distinguish them from common rats you may be seeing at home. Some of the features to check out in the rates include.

1. Color

The roof rats come in brown and black color. If you see rates in black and brown color, you should be careful. They may have been the rats in your home. They tend to stay in your attic, and they will end up multiplying over time.

2. Size

The roof rats’ bodies are about 8 inches long. The tail spreads about 8 inches long. The total body length and the tail will be about 17 inches. If you see such rates, you may have roof rats in your home.

3. Features

Large eyes and ears characterize the rats in the roof. Their noses are pointed, and they have long tails. You need to check out such features to learn more about rodents. They can infest your home, making them affect the home. They tend to have smooth fur and a hairless tail.

Signs of Roof Rats in and around your house

You can check out several signs to know whether your home has been infested with roof rats. For example, rats in the roof will feed on the food available at home. If you find the leftover food that the rats have eaten, you need to be careful. The roof rats tend to make noses when moving on your attic. Other signs to check out include.

1. Pieces of bitten food or fruits

The rats will feed on food available at home. If you find bitten fruits and other types of food at home, then there are high chances the rats are in your attic, and they will move to your kitchen at night or when there is none at home and feed on the food.

2. Hearing noise of rat in the attic

The rats will tend to move around your attic. If you start seeing them around your attic, then you should be careful. They tend to create noise in your home, and you should be cautious to check out. The rats tend to apply with each other, and they will keep running in the attic leading to a lot of noise.

3. Presence of rat droppings

If you see rat droppings on your floor or in the attic, then they are somewhere hiding. You need to look for ways of removing them from your home.

4. Running stains on the wall

The tree rats will urinate in the attic. If you see a lot of stains on the walls, then the rats are somewhere in the attic where they are urinating on the walls. You should check them out.

5. You occasionally see a roof rat

There are times when you will open the kitchen or enter the attic and see a rat running. It is among the signs of a rat infestation in your home.

Where do roof rats like to nest?

In nature, the roof rats would like to shelter in thick shrubbery and on power lines. Tree rats prefer high places. They will climb the fences and look for places to build their nests. When they enter your home, they will go to elevated areas such as the attic, where they hide. You will find them above the ceiling, and they will come down to eat.

What harm can roof rats pose?

Roof rats will cause a lot of damage and do great harm to humans.

1. Transmitting harmful diseases

The roof rats transmit leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and plague. They are also known to spread bacteria in their feces that can affect your family members. Make efforts to get them out of your home.

2. Straining walls

The rats will urinate in your home, leading to stains on the walls. The feces will land on the surfaces in your home where they spread the risk of diseases transmission. You need to remove them from your home to avoid the unsightly marks on the walls.

3. Spoiling food

The rats would eat food that is available at home. They can even enter the store and damage grain and other types of foods available. Your family members will incur losses when the rats have eaten the food you already have at home.

How to get rid of roof rats quickly?

The best way to get rid of the rats quickly involves using traps. Some of the traps you can use include.

1. Snap traps

Use snap traps to remove the rats from your home. The traps will snap their heads, killing them. You can easily remove a small number of rats through the process.

Such as mouse traps, which are powerful. Once a rat is caught, there is no chance of escape. There are metal mouse traps and plastic ones. Plastic mouse traps are lighter and safer for the human body, but the lethality will be less.

When using a mousetrap, open the jaws, put a bit of food in the bait slot, and place the jaws against the wall.

2. Glue traps

The glue traps will make the rats get stuck, and you will find them in the morning. You can then dispose of them.

Glue mousetrap is a simple and effective way to deal with rat. At the same time, it can trap mites on mice, and it is non-toxic to human body.

Glue traps are cardboard or trays coated with super strong adhesive. The trap usually only stick to the rat, not kill it. So when you catch the rat, you need to think about how to kill the rat, and be careful not to get bitten by the rat. After that you can throw the trap away.

To use, first open the glue trap, place the bait in the center, and then place the trap where the mice passes.

3. Electronic traps

You can buy and use some electronic traps to keep the home free from rats.

Electronic traps are very effective. They are able to kill rats that get inside quickly and humanely. Electronic traps are also easier to clean and can be reused, so they can be used to get rid of rats in your home.

The benefits of electronic traps:
1)  High-voltage shock can provide 100% kill rate.
2)  Ability to receive mouse trapped alerts on your mobile device.
3)  No need to touch the dead rat, just dump it in the trash.



Methods of preventing roof rodents

The best way to remove the tree rats is to ensure they do not enter your home. Use a seal to close all gaps where they enter the roof. Trim trees near your home to avoid them from moving closer to the home.

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