How to distinguish termite droppings from sawdust

Termites will feed on wood and make your buildings unsafe. You need to know the termite’s droppings and act before too late. If you notice there are termites’ droppings near your home, it is an indication they have invested in your home. It will be easy to get rid of them from your home if you can check out the droppings. The termites will tend to infest your home and lead to many droppings. You should take necessary action and remove them before it is too late.

Some people confuse termite droppings with wood shavings. There is a difference between the termite dropping and the sawdust. You will differentiate between the termites and the sawdust from the shape in most cases. The termite’s droppings will be hexagonal, and the sawdust will not have a specific shape.

What does termite poop look like?

The termite poop will have six-sided granular pellets. If you notice the are 6 sided pellets in your home near corners or where there is wood, then there is a need to raise the alarm and look for ways of removing the termites. They will tend to drill the wood as they make their home. They will weaken the wood structure and lead to failing structures with time. The termite droppings will look like sawdust, but you need to check on their shapes to differentiate them. They are shiny and will tend to have a granular shape. It is essential to differentiate them from the sawdust to make your decision when dealing with them.

1. Dry wood Termite Droppings

The dry wood termite pellets are tiny and are oval-shaped. They tend to appear like capsules. If you want to differentiate them from sawdust, you will have to have a close look at the shape. The dry wood termites will come in oval capsules that stretch for about 1 millimeter. They can accumulate to form small mounts beneath the holes where they drill. The termites will drill holes in the wood to form nests where they will rest. When you give them a close look, they will appear like pepper or salt piles.

Check out the shape of the termites, and you will make an informed decision. You need to act fast and avoid cases where the termites will accumulate to high levels before you can start removing them from your home. Act fast, and you will avoid cases where they will cause irreparable damage to your home.


2. Subterranean Termite Droppings

The subterranean termites’ droppings appear like mud. They do not drop their feces. It is utilized to make the nest. If you realize nests around the wood, you need to check carefully. The termites tend to make long nests where they will lay eggs. They are destructive if they are left untreated.

You need to treat the termites and you will avoid cases where they will accumulate to high levels where they will affect your home. If you can respond fast and carry out preventive measures, you will avoid cases where the termites will affect your home. They are known to cause irreparable damage if left untreated for a long period. The termites from wormlike droppings are utilized to construct their nests.


3. Termite Eggs

The subterranean eggs are small, and they tend to lay small eggs. You will find them forming white or brownish markings on the walls. When they lay eggs, the egg will appear translucent and oval-shaped. It is hard to see the eggs because they are laid by the queen deep inside the nest. You will have to break down the nest and check out the queen’s location from where you will see the eggs.

It is essential to take the necessary steps and remove them from your home if they have built a nest close by. The nest lay about 18 inches below the ground. If you uncover the eggs, they will likely move to another location or burrow down the ground to hide them.


Difference between termite droppings and sawdust

The sawdust and the termite droppings tend to look alike. You will differentiate them after you look at the shape of the droppings. They tend to be hexagonal, and the sawdust will appear like shavings. The shiny slivers of the sawdust make them different from the termite droppings. The sawdust does not have a granular shape. The feces of the termites will be shaped into six-sided figures due to the shape of the termites. Remember, they are squeezed before they are removed.

1. Can carpenter ants produce sawdust

The carpenter ants will chew up wood to make tunnels where they stay. They do not consume wood. If you leave the wood untreated, they can hook it up to produce shavings that look like sawdust. They will not produce sawdust, but they will produce shavings that will closely resemble the sawdust. They are hardworking creatures that will chew a lot of wood to make long tunnels. You will find a lot of wood shavings in places where they have built nests.

The carpenter ants led to many sawdust in areas where they built nests. They are known to damage wood as they try to create tunnels where they will stay. Many homeowners look for ways of removing them from their homes because of their destructive nature.

2. Can termites produce sawdust?

The termites will not produce sawdust. Some termites, such as dyewood termites and damp wood termites, are known to produce pellets that closely resemble sawdust. The pellets you see near places where they have built a nest are not actual sawdust; it is feces that they produce when they stay in the tunnels they have dug into the wood. You need to check the dropping and take the necessary measures. The droppings will lead to the production of pellets after digging tunes into the wood. They lead to weakening wood that makes it unstable when on different structures.

3. Differentiate Termite Droppings from Saw Dust

The sawdust and termite droppings look alike. You will differentiate them based on the shape. In most cases, the termite dropping will appear hexagonal. It is unlike the sawdust that does not come in regular shapes. If you see six-sided granular pellets near your home, there are high chances that the termites have moved near your home. The sawdust will look like tiny and shiny shavings on your wood. They are unlike the termite droppings that appear hexagonal.


Where do you find termite droppings?

The termite droppings are pushed out of the wood. If you have a wooden structure where termites have infested, you will see the droppings on floors. The pellets will be ejected from the wood then land on the floor nearby; if you see such droppings, then there is a need to act and remove them before it is too late. They can end up accumulating on the floor and lead to different issues. You need to check out the signs of termites infestation and then remove them.

Are termite droppings harmful to a human?

The termite droppings have allergens. Some people can react to feces. They also have harmful pathogens that can affect the health of your family members. To avoid cases where they can affect the health of your loved ones, it is good practice to remove them from your home. Termite allergies can lead to asthma and other types of allergic reactions. They can be a nuisance to your home. Make a point of removing them, and you will remain in a safe environment to enjoy with family members.

What to do if termite droppings appear?

If you see termite droppings near your home, you should act fast and remove them. It is a sign they are about to colonize the wood in your home. Some of the steps you can take after seeing the droppings near your home include. It is good to remove the droppings from your home. They pose risk of allergic reactions to family members.

1. Eliminate termites

The droppings will be a sign the termites have moved to your home. They are harmful insects that will dig tunnels into the wood and weaken the structure. You need to take the necessary measures and remove them from your home. You can use repellents such as essential oils or buy pesticides from your nearest store.

2. Clean up termite droppings

If you realize the droppings are accumulating on wood or your floor, you need to clean them out before you plan or get an expert who will help remove the termites. The termites can accumulate droppings to an extent where they lead to allergies in your home. You need to hire an expert who will remove them.


The termite droppings will indicate termites are nearby. It is a sign that you can use to plan how you can remove them. It is recommended to remove them from your home as fast as possible so that you can avoid cases where they can accumulate to levels where they will disturb peace in your home.

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