The Best Way To Poison Pigeons

Pigeons can infest your home and lead to several issues. For instance, pests can transmit diseases to your family members. They also pose a risk of competing for food with your domestic bird. The bests can fly into the wild and develop an illness that they can transmit to your home.

You can decide to cull them or look for ways of making them avoid your home. For example, you can decide to remove water from near your home. Destroy their nests and seal the entrance to your attic where they may be forming nests. If you can make your home undesirable to the pests, they will avoid your home altogether. You need to come up with the right measures and ensure they do not negatively affect your home.

Why need to get rid of pigeons

You can decide to get pigeon poison due to several reasons. For example, if they keep on coming to your home and lead to diseases, you will be forced to look for ways of stopping them. Among the ways you can stop them promptly involves killing them. You can get the poison and mix it with food to kill the pigeons. Here are a few reasons people can decide to go for pigeon poison.

1. Potential Health Hazards

The pigeons can lead to the development of fungi, bacteria, and ectoparasites due to the feces that they spread around. As a way of trying to keep your home safe, you can turn to poison to remove them from your home. There are several forms of pigeon poison out there. You need to go for the most effective treatment method that will work perfectly in killing the poison. If you can introduce an effective treatment option, they will stop coming to your home.

2. Food and water contamination

You can encounter food and water contamination in your home if there are too many pigeons. They will tend to drop feces in water tanks and on top of iron sheets where you collect rainwater. To avoid cases where they will continue polluting water in your home, you can decide to remove them. The most effective method you can apply to remove them involves poisoning them. You need to come up with measures to keep family members safe. If you would like to stop food contamination in your home, then the best way to go about it involves removing the pests.

3. Exposing humans to diseases

The pigeons carry diseases such as salmonella, candidiasis, Newcastle disease, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, and orthosis. If you rear domestic birds, you would not like them to catch diseases. The best way to go about it involves removing the pigeon from your home. Diseases such as new castle can lead to deaths in your stock. You will be making the right decision if you decide to remove the birds from your home. They will lead to a lot of costs and losses if they can end up transmitting diseases to your home. You need to keep your home clean and avoid any incident where your family members will be exposed to the disease. Removing the pests from your home will be a big step toward making the pests stay away from your home. Take necessary measures to get rid of the pests before it is too late.

4. Attracts other pests

The availability of pigeons in your home can attract other pests to your home. For example, they can attract rats that will feed on dead pigeons and eggs. Rats in your home can expose your family members to several health issues. It is essential to come up with measures to remove them before they can cause more harm to your home.

5. Bird droppings can lead to falls

The pigeons will drop feces in your home, making the loos slippery. For example, if they are too many in your home, they can lead to many slippery droppings that will risk your family members. The droppings can be slippery if it rains. You need to get the right tools to deter them from developing nests in your home to avoid them from leaving a lot of feces that can lead to slippery floors.

6. Blocks essential drainage systems

The pigeons will tend to build nests on your home’s gutters and drainage systems. The droppings and the nests can lead to blockages. If the drainage systems are blocked in your home, you will risk floods. There are even incidences where the birds have developed nests that block drainages. You need to ensure the drainages are working well in your home to avoid cases where they can expose your family members to expensive repairs.


Is it legal to poison pigeons in the United States?

Before you think about how to kill pigeons, check out whether it is allowed by law. Some states have laws that prohibit the poisoning of birds. In most states, pigeons are considered domestic animals, and you can do anything to them. If you consider the pigeons are making your family unsafe, you can apply poison to kill them. When you decide to kill the pigeons, you should first check with your state laws to know whether you can be allowed to kill them. Some states will prohibit killing the birds. You should be careful when dealing with the states.

The best way to poison pigeons

Most of the poison used to kill pigeons is granular, or grain-like. Although pigeons will eat a variety of foods, it is best to mix poisons with food and place them in places where pigeons are often seen.

The effect of the poison is to attack the pigeon’s nervous system, causing the pigeon to disorientate, twitch, and eventually die.

You need to introduce a poison to food near places where the pigeons feed to kill them. Most poison made for pigeons will have instructions on how to apply it. Read the instructions, and it will be easy to kill them. Try to mix the poison with the food they eat near your home. If you have domestic birds, you should ensure they are restricted from eating food containing poison. Seal the attic and other hard-to-reach areas where the pigeons can enter and die, leading to a bad smell.

How does poison work

The poison is mixed with food and fed to the birds. It will then enter the bird’s bloodstream, leading to health complications that stop the bird’s cardiovascular system. There are several types of bird poison out there, but they target different life processes in the birds. Check out the type of poison you are about to apply to the bird, and you will know the exact way it will react in the birds.

Pros and cons of poisoning pigeons

There are several benefits and disadvantages associated with the poison application. For example, you may kill other birds if they end up feeding on the poisoned food. Some of the benefits and drawbacks you may experience after you decide to apply poison to a pigeon include.

1. Pros

1) Immediate action

The pigeon will die immediately. The poison acts fast; you will not have to wait for several days before it can start working. If you would like to kill the birds fast, then the application of poison is the best way to go about it. The poison is highly effective and will kill the birds within a day. It is unlike other methods that may take several days.

2) Easy to apply

It is easy to administer poison to pests. For example, you will not have to hire an expert. You can buy it over the counter ad read the instructions. If you want to save money in your pigeon’s removal process, you can turn to the treatment procedure. It is highly effective in removing the birds fast.

2. Cons

1) Non-target risks

You may poison other birds that will compete for food with pigeons in your home. The pigeons can end up killing a lot of pigeons to an extent where it will reduce their numbers in nature.

2) socially unacceptable

Some people will not feel okay if you kill a lot of birds in your backyard. The birds can even move to their backyards, where they will die. You will feel uneasy because other people will start sympathizing with the birds.

3) short-term solution

The pigeon in your home can die, but soon others will move in if food and water are still available. You need to deal with the real cause of the high number of pigeons in your home to keep them under control.


Can food be used to kill pigeons?

If you are reluctant to use poison to kill the pigeons, you can use food to get rid of the pigeons. But few foods can kill them. For example, some people suggest feeding pigeons dry rice, they think that the pigeons eat a lot of dry rice, and if they drink water, it will cause the pigeon’s stomach to explode. Actually pigeons are not so stupid. They won’t eat an excess of dry rice and will only upset their stomachs for a while.

Another food is dried beans. Dried beans, before they are cooked, contain a toxin called hemagglutinin. Pigeons eat a lot of dried beans that contain hemagglutinin, which can cause them to die. This method is similar to poisoning pigeons with poison. Overall, small amounts of food do not kill pigeons.

Other ways to keep pigeons away

Apart from poisoning pigeons, you can as well use other methods to remove them from your home. Some of the methods you can apply to keep them out of your home include.

  • Avoid feeding the pigeon or making food readily available
  • Screen drains and the gutters to prevent them from building nests
  • Keep your outdoor space clean
  • Remove water sources

You can apply several methods to keep pigeons out of your home. The pests can lead to several health complications. You will make your family members happy if you can take measures to prevent the pigeon from causing havoc. How to kill pigeons should not stress you; get highly effective poison from your nearest store and mix it with food. It will kill the pests and leave your home comfortable.

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