Bed Bugs leave Blood Stains on Sheets and Pillows? The Truth You should Know

You may have realized bed bugs are leaving blood stains on your sheets. The bed bugs will bite you and draw blood. Sometimes they can leave blood stains on your white sheets if you accidently crush them as you turn on the bed. There is need to check out the presence of bedbugs in your home then take necessary actions to remove them. Sometimes the bedbugs can accumulate on your bed and end up biting you.

There are several sings you can check out to know whether your bed has been infested. For example, if you check the seams of your mattress, you will find them hiding. Check out the bedbugs and apply the right treatment that can eliminate them. There are several treatments you can apply to make your bed stay comfortable. The bed blood come from the bites they make on your body. If you crush the bedbugs, the blood will appear. It is mostly the blood that they may have bitten you. They also leave dark brown fecal spots.

What Color Is Bed Bug Blood?

The bed blood from the bed bugs comes in rust color or red. They mostly draw blood from humans whom they bite as they feed. You need to investigate further if you realize the red stains on your bed. The bites are itchy and can lead to rushes on your body. It will be very uncomfortable for you to enjoy sleeping in a bed that is full of bedbugs. It will require you to take necessary measures and remove them before it is too late. They are known to multiply very fast. It you take necessary measures and remove them early, you will avoid the risk of having them spread to different rooms in your home.


How Long Does Blood Stay in a Bed Bug?

A bedbug will feed once after every ten days. It can stay with the blood that it has bitten somebody for about a week. They may not bite each day, but within a day a single bedbug will make several bites as it feeds on your blood. You may have several bedbug bite marks in a day due to a single bedbug coming back to bite you several times. Take measures to apply the right treatments and get rid of the bedbugs to avoid the nuisance of being bitten each day.

Where do Blood spots on sheets and pillows come from?

The blood spots on your sheets will come from the blood that the bedbugs have bene feeding on. To remove them, you will have to take several measures. Always look for a way you can get rid of the bed bugs and it will be easy to avoid them. Some of the possible explanations about the blood stains on your bed can be due to:

1. Blood spots of bedbugs

If you see blood spots on the sheets, then they are coming from the bedbugs. The bedbugs will feed on your blood till they are full. The excess blood can leak onto your sheets. Sometimes you may be turning and you crush the bedbugs, they will leave the blood stains on your sheets. The marks will be even more visible if you use white sheets. Cleaning the stains can be hectic because they trend to stain a lot. The fecal waste from the bedbugs can lead to stranger odor on your sheets. They need careful cleaning to remove them.

2. The blood from your wound

you may have seen several blood stains on your sheets when sleeping on a bed that has been infested with bed bugs. The blood will be coming from the wounds that are left after the bedbugs have bitten you. You can manage them through application of the bed bug removal methods. When you take the necessary measures and remove them. You will start enjoying your sleep once more.

Fecal spots on sheets and pillows

The fecal spots on your bed sometimes are reddish in color. If after waking up you realize there are a lot of red sports, then it is necessary to investigate more. They may be coming from the bedbugs or small cuts on your body. There are people who nosebleed when sleeping, it causes the red stains. Other possible causes of blood spots on your bed can come from the illness.

How to determine blood stains are caused by bed bugs?

There are several signs you can check out to know whether you have been affected by bed bugs. They will bite and cause different forms of disturbances in your home. Some of the signs you can check out to know whether your home has been affected by bedbugs include:

1. Bites

The bedbugs will tend to bite a lot. If you sleep in a bed that has been infested with bedbugs, you will develop a lot of bite marks. Your skin will develop rushes out of the bites. There is need to act and avoid cases where they can end up making you lack good sleep. Ensure you get the right treatments to get rid of the bedbugs fast.

2. Droppings

The bedbugs will tend to leave fecal droppings after they feed on your blood. Check out any sign of brownish spots on your sheets. They are common signs of the presence of bedbugs on your bed. The pests tend to multiply fast. They will take the shorts time to multiply and lead to more bites.

3. Blood Stains

The bedbugs will lead to blood stations on your bed due to different reason. For example, they can feed on your blood and leave you bleeding on areas they have bitten. They can as well crush and lead to blood stains. Check out any sign of blood on your sheets then take necessary measures to remove them from your bed before it is too late.

4. Insect Skins

The insects will she skin in areas where they leave. For instance, you can check along the mattress seam and you will see the insect skins. The skins have been left as the insects die or as they grow and shed their skin. If you notice such remains, then it is time to act fast and look for a way you can remove the insects from your bed.

5. Insect Eggs

The insects will lay eggs and multiply. You will notice the small eggs in areas where they stay such as a long your mattress seams. Check out the availability of the eggs along the seams then act to remove them. You can as well look for treatments that will kill the eggs. Applying high temperatures has been proven to be highly effective in killing the bedbugs and their eggs.

What should I do if I have bed bugs?

If you confirm your home has been infested with bedbugs, then the best thing to do is to remove them. There are several measures you can employ to get rid of them. Here are some of the simple steps you can take to remove the bedbugs from your home.

1. Clean bedding and run dryer high

The bedbugs will be killed if you expose them to high temperatures. You can clean your bedding and run them at high temperatures to kill them. For items that cannot be washed, you can just place them in a dryer and run high temperatures. It will kill them instantly.

2. Scrub mattress seams and vacuum

You can remove the bedbugs by vacuuming the mattress seams where they stay. Scrub the areas to dislodge the eggs then dispose the contents in an airtight bug then take them to the dumpsters. Make sure you close the airtight bag tightly to avoid them from escaping then spread to the neighbors.

3. Vacuum the bed regularly

Regular vacuuming of the bed will remove the bedbug eggs. Try to apply the vacuum clean regularly and it will remove the bedbugs from your home. The simple steps you will take to vacuum the bedbugs will play a great role in removing the eggs.

4. Insecticide Treatment

There are several insecticides in the market that have been formulated to treat bedbugs. You can order the insecticide treatments and apply them in your home. They are highly effective in killing the bedbugs, apply them and they will make it easy to remove them from your home.

5. Strong heat steamer

A strong heat steamer can be a great way to get rid of bedbugs. The issue of stain mattress bed bugs will be over if you can buy a heat steamer and apply it regularly. It will play a great role in helping you get rid of the bed bugs and start enjoying good life.

6. Diatomaceous earth applications

The diatomaceous earth is another treatment that you can apply and it will help you get rid of the bedbugs. The treatment has sharp edges that will puncture the skin of the bedbugs and leave them dehydrating. You can rely on the treatment and it will be a great way to help you. You can as well apply cryonite treatment to freeze them to death.

The bedbugs can lead to nuisance in your home. They leave blood stain on your bed making the sheets dirty. The bits can lead to skin complications. You can easily get rid of them if you can keep the bed clean at all times. Apply heat to remove them.

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