5 Winged Bugs That Look Like Flying Termites

It is essential to understand bugs that look like flying termites so that you can make the right decision when looking for ways to get rid of the bugs. Termites are known to eat wood. They can cause a lot of destruction in your home if they are not checked out in time. Many bugs look like flying termites, but they will tend to have some differences. If you can take the time and look closely into the bugs, you will notice several bugs’ differences. From the differences, you can make an informed decision to deal with the bugs in your home. Termites will have clearer front and backswings. They will fly around when looking for new places to establish a colony.

The Appearance of Flying Termites

The flying termites have a clear front and back. They come with wings that have the same length. If you see a flying insect with wings of the same size, they are likely to be flying termites. Their bodies can be black or brown. Some termites will have reddish bodies.


1) The shape of flying termites

Termites have pinched waists. They will have wings that are uniform in size, and the wings will be pinched. When looking for ways to identify them, check out the availability of pinched bodies. Termites with pinched bodies will fly around as they look for new places to build nests.

2) Wings of flying termites

The wings of flying termites can be differentiated from other insects by looking at their sizes. They have wings that are of the same size. You will easily tell the difference between the termites and other insects after looking closely into their wings.

3) Color of flying termites

The flying termites can be brown, black, or reddish. There are several types of termites out there. They can have few variations in color, but they will tend to lead to the destruction of your wooden structures. Check out the termites’ general design, and you will know the right steps to take and deal with them.

4) Food of flying termites

The flying termites will feed on wood. If you have built a wooden structure, you need to look for ways to deal with the termites. They will build nests in the wood and feed on it. With time, they will weaken the wood and lead to the destruction of the structure. There is a need to develop necessary measures that can lead to the protection of wood and avoid cases where the termites can destroy it.

5) The behavior of flying termites

The flying termites will fly during spring evenings. They tend to fly out when it is humid. The main purpose of flying around is to find new places where they can establish colonies. You will realize the flying termites will shed their wings after finding a mate and a new place to establish a colony.

5 Insects That Look Like Flying Termites

Several bugs look like flying termites. There is a need to check out the different bugs that resemble the termites and then note down the differences to avoid confusing them. Here we will discuss several bugs that have some resemblance to the termites. They include bugs such as:

1. Flying Ants

The winged ants are sometimes referred to as alates, reproductives, or swarmer. They have elbowed antennae and thin waists. The flying termites have pinched waists, but the ants will differ due to their thin waists. The waists are constructed at the thorax. Their hind wings are smaller than the front wings. The differences in wings differentiate them from the termites that have wings of the same size.

1) The harm of flying ants

The flying ants tend to chew through wood and cause damage. The flying ants are not dangerous, but they can bite to protect themselves. You should not worry because their bite is not poisonous. They can cause a nuisance in your home because they will fill the room. People look for ways of getting rid of them because of the nuisance they cause to a home.

2) Do flying ants bite people?

The flying ants will not bite or sting you. They are more interested in mating and will fly around looking for mates. They have mandibles that can scare you, but they will not bite you. You can find them flying near your home as they look for mates.

2. Mayflies

Mayflies are aquatic insects. They cannot bite or sting but will be attracted to places with light. You will find them swarming in your home around floodlights. People look for ways of getting rid of them because of the nuisance they cause to your home due to their high numbers. They are unlike flying termites that will not be bothered about light.

1) Is mayfly harmful to people?

The mayflies will not sting people. You will find people bothered to get rid of them from their homes because they tend to cause a nuisance by flocking near lights. They can be attracted to lights making them have massive swarms near homes. The swarms could affect driving and visibility if they swam near traffic lights at night.

2) Do mayflies live only one day?

The mayflies start their life cycle in the water. They can live for up to a year in their larvae. The larvae from stay in the water. The adult mayflies will get out of the water and fly around, where they can live for about a day and die. You will find masses of the mayflies near windows or lights in the morning where they have died after flying around the lights the whole night.

3. Lacewing

The lacewings are differentiated from the flying termite due to their wing shape. They have net-shaped wings that make them stand out. You will realize they are ferocious insects that will feed on other insects. Termites feed on wood, but the lacewings are different because they will feed on insects. They are very helpful to the environment in reducing the population of other harmful insects.

1) Is lacewing harmful to people?

The lacewings will not cause any harm to people. They are dangerous to other insects. They will eat aphids and other common pests in your garden at their larvae stage. The population of pests such as mealybugs will reduce after introducing them to your garden. They tend to eat a lot of whiteflies hence reducing their numbers.

2) Is lacewing good at killing pests?

The lacewings are very effective in killing insects. You can introduce them to your home, and they will act as biological pest control measures. The adult lacewings help pollinate plants in your garden. You need to get them, and they will contribute to making you enjoy great results as you look forward to putting the insects under control. They tend to feed on many harmful insects in your garden.

4. Paederus

The paederus belong to a genus of small beetles. They can release toxins to the skin if pressed against the human body. You should be careful when handling them. There a re cases where people have suffered from dermatitis reactions after they got into contact with the toxins from the insects.

1) Harm of Paederus

The paederus releases pederin toxic that can affect your skin if it is crushed against the skin. You will suffer from severe dermatitis that can lead to blisters if the toxic contact with your skin. It may take several days before you can recover from the toxin that will be released into your skin.

2) Correct treatment of Paederus bite

The right treatment for the bites will include the application of a strong topical steroid. Start by washing the affected area using soap and cool water before applying the steroid.

5. Wasp

The wasps have a narrow waist. They are aggressive insects that will attack and sting victims severally when their nests are disturbed. They are different from flying termites that will not sting you as they fly around.

1) Harm of Wasp

The wasp has a reputation for attacking in case their nest is disturbed. The sting causes swelling and pain. The area that has been affected by the sting will tend to have a lot of swelling. There are cases where the stings have led to serious allergic reactions in people. If not taken care of, they can even lead to death due to adverse reactions.

2) Correct treatment of wasp sting

It is recommended that people take medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the pain. The stings should be washed using soap and water. The application of hydrocortisone cream is necessary to ease the pain and disturbance.


Several bugs look like flying termites. It is essential to check out their bodies closely to differentiate them. Some of these insects are dangerous. If these insects appear around you, they need to be handled correctly to avoid being bitten. If you are unfortunately bitten, please use normal methods to deal with the wound, so as not to cause greater harm. If necessary, you need the help of doctors.

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