14 Smells That Mosquitoes Hate: No Longer Disturbed by Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may look quite small and harmless but they can be quite dangerous if not controlled properly. They suck up blood from the host and thrive on that. Once they suck up a blood of a person, they can carry their germs to another person. Hence, mosquitoes can spread infections, diseases and more. In fact, some of the mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and more. You need to make sure that you are prepping your space properly to keep the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes cannot stand some of the smells and those smells can repel them. Are you wondering WHAT SMELLS DO MOSQUITOES HATE? Well, then you are at the right place.

To know more about what smells can attract the mosquitoes and what smells can repel them, read on. We have the list of all the smells that you can use to ensure that mosquitoes don’t enter your space.



Mosquitoes don’t get attracted by beautiful smells like freshly baked foods or roses. They love the smell of everything that repels us out. Mosquitoes can get attracted to the smell of warm blood, sweat, carbon dioxide, wet garbage, rotten foods etc.

Besides that, what you wear or how you smell can also attract mosquitoes more. The mosquitoes can get attracted to bold or dark colors like black, red, navy blue etc. Also, the mosquitoes can get attracted to perfumes, scented soaps or lotions and more.

But there are certain smells that the mosquitoes cannot stand. You can use those smells in different ways around your space to repel away the mosquitoes successfully. Below, we have mentioned some of the smells that mosquitoes hate.


There are certain plants that people use as a repellant to keep the mosquitoes away. The mosquitoes, basically, cannot stand the smell of those plants. All plants have a natural smell and that can annoy the mosquitoes. Hence, you can keep some of those mosquito-repellant plants in your space to keep the mosquitoes away naturally. Some of the plants that mosquitoes complete hate are:



Catnip is a perennial plant which blooms mainly from the early summer season to the fall season. These plants are also known as Catmint plant and they can thrive anywhere. It belongs to the mint family and can repel off the mosquitoes effectively. They are very easy to grow and require no heavy maintenance. According to a study, it has been found out that Catnip can be 10 times more effective in repelling off the mosquitoes than the chemicals used in commercialized repellants. You can grow this plant in your house and rub it vigorously between two hands to apply on your skin. This can repel the mosquitoes for 30 minutes.


Another great repellant plant for mosquitoes is the Rosemary which is a perennial herb. The woody smell of this plant can keep the mosquitoes and many other insects away from the area. Rosemary can do great in dry and hot climates. You can use Rosemary as a simple spray to repel the mosquitoes. Take one cup of dried Rosemary and mix it into a quart of water. Boil it for 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Now, let it cool down first and then pour it into the container. Spray it around your house to keep the mosquitoes away.


When it comes to the question /span>WHAT SMELLS DO MOSQUITOES HATE’, you cannot miss lavender. It has a strong smell that annoys the mosquitoes and keeps them away. Though it is lovely fragrance for us, the mosquitoes hate it. You can use this plant to keep the mosquitoes away. All you have to do is to keep some dried lavender in small sachets and keep it in different areas to repel the mosquitoes. You can also use the spraying methods. Take some water in your spraying bottle and mix few drops of lavender oil into it. It is one of the most effective ways to keep the mosquitoes away.


Another effective plant that can help in repelling the mosquitoes is lotus plant. In fact, some studies suggest that the lotus plant can even kill the larvae of the mosquitoes. You can use the lotus oil to apply on your skin or you can even spray it in your house to keep the mosquitoes away. The mosquitoes hate the smell of lotus plant and they stay away if your spray the lotus oil around your house.


The Wormwood is quite popular as a mosquito repellant plant. It can grow easily in your garden. It has a distinct smell that can keep the mosquitoes away. You can make a mosquito-repellant spray by using wormwood essential oil along with water. Take a few drops of the oil into a bottle full of water. Then shake it properly. Now, you can spray the mixture around your house and in the corner to keep the mosquitoes away. In fact, the wormwood fragrance can repel most of the insects. Their smell is quite toxic of the mosquitoes and they hate it completely.


Besides the plants, there are some common essential oils that can keep the mosquitoes away. As much as these essential oils can be helpful for your skin, hair and more, they can be quite effective in repelling away the mosquitoes. Want to know about WHAT SMELLS DO MOSQUITOES HATE in essential oil? Here are the 6 essential oils that can be quite effective:



One of the most effective essential oils that can be quite beneficial in repelling away the mosquitoes is the peppermint essential oil. Peppermint comes with various benefits and one such benefit is that it comes with repellent action. You can apply this essential oil directly on your skin to have a mosquito-free time. You can use this essential oil in your diffuser too for keeping your house free from any mosquitoes. You can even spray the peppermint oil to keep the mosquitoes away keeping your family safe from this nasty insect.


The oil which is extracted from the lemon grass is known as Cymbopogon. It is quite beneficial for creating perfumes as well as repellant for mosquitoes. There are many studies that have proven that lemon grass essential oil can be an excellent repellent for bugs. You can mix this essential oil along with your body lotion to keep the mosquitoes away. You can also use a sprayer for spraying the lemon grass essential oil in your house to repel the mosquitoes. But you have to spray it every 60 minutes for the best result.


Though there is no official confirmation about the effectiveness of the Geranium Essential Oil for repelling mosquitoes, it is commonly used by people across the world. This essential oil is considered to be a natural repellant for the mosquitoes. It has a distinct smell that can irritate the mosquitoes and keep them away. You can use this essential oil in the diffuser. Just a few drops of this Geranium essential oil can be proved to be highly effective in keeping the mosquitoes and other insects and flies away from your house.


As mentioned above, Lavender is quite an effective plant for repelling the mosquitoes. The essential oil made from lavender is also quite beneficial in keeping these insects from your house. The lavender essential oil contains about 25% of linalool which is a very powerful active ingredient that can keep the mosquitoes away from your house. You can use this in two ways – spraying around the house and use in a diffuser. Both the ways are quite effective in repelling the mosquitoes.


The Pine oil is quite a popular one when it comes to repelling the mosquitoes effectively. The Pine oil has a strong scent which can provide 100% protection to you and your family against the mosquitoes for a long time. The best way to use the Pine oil is by mixing few drops of the oil in the diffuser. Let the steam come out and fill your home. Though the smell is pleasing to you, the mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell at all. This can help you to repel the mosquitoes effectively.


The Cinnamon Bark oil is extracted from the bark of cinnamon. It is quite a popular option which is widely used as one of the most natural repellants for mosquitoes. Some of the important ingredients that you can find in the Cinnamon oil are – cinnamyl acetate, eugenol, cinnamaldehyde and anethole. All these are quite effective in repelling the mosquitoes away from your house. You can use this oil as a spray. Make sure to sprinkle this oil in various corners and areas of your house to keep the mosquitoes away. You can also mix it with the diffuser for repelling the mosquitoes.


If you have a query in mind about WHAT SMELLS DO MOSQUITOES HATE when it comes to home remedies, then we have the answer for you. There are some effective home remedies that can be quite practical and simple way to repel away the mosquitoes. These home remedies need some basic ingredients that are often available in every household. These are:



Yes, garlic is one of the best home remedies for effectively repelling away the mosquitoes. The garlic extract contains sulfurs which can be highly effective against the mosquitoes. The typical odor of the garlic can be annoying to the mosquitoes and that can effectively deter for about a week. You can make garlic mosquito repellent at home. You have to blend about four to five cloves of garlic and then add it to one gallon of water. Pour the mixture in a spraying bottle and they shake it properly. Spray the mixture in different area to keep the mosquitoes away.


The soybean oil is quite effective against the mosquitoes. This ingredient can be used for effectively deterring the mosquitoes away for about 3 to 4 hours. As this is a natural repellant, it doesn’t possess any harm to your kids or pets. You can make a perfect mosquito repellant by using soybean oil. Mix a bit of catnip and peppermint if possible with the soybean oil and then blend the mixture properly. Pour it into a spraying bottle and then spray it around the house to keep the mosquitoes away.


Another natural ingredient that you can use at your home to repel the mosquitoes is the black pepper. Yes, it is quite effective in repelling the mosquitoes away from your house. All you have to do is to make a mixture of black pepper to sprinkle it around the house. You can also choose black pepper oil but as this is a home remedy, we will discuss how you can make black pepper spray. Crush the peppers first to create a fine dust. Now, add the crushed black pepper water and boil it properly. Let the mixture to cool down and they strain the water into a spraying bottle. Spray the mixture around your house to deter the mosquitoes.


Some of the smells that you need to avoid that the mosquitoes like are:



An increase in the carbon dioxide level can help the mosquitoes to identify that some potential host is near them. That can attract them towards you.


Many researches have shown that the mosquitoes can get attracted to the smell of human sweat. It is the lactic acid odor that attracts them. So, keep yourself clean and maintain good hygiene to avoid mosquitoes.


The cosmetic smell, especially floral fragrance, can attract the mosquitoes. So, you need to avoid the floral lotions and creams to keep the mosquitoes away.


The mosquitoes also like the smell of the wine and they can get attracted to the smell very easily. They are attracted towards the warmth of the alcohol.


Hopefully, you have got all the answers to your query – /span>WHAT SMELLS DO MOSQUITOES HATE’. You can use the above mentioned essential oil or the simple home remedies to keep the mosquitoes away from your house. Also, make sure to avoid the smell that can attract them to you.

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